ICCDA Working Groups 2006-2008

ICCDA organised a meeting on the future of this network during the 11th EADI General Conference in September 2005 in Bonn. ICCDA representatives agreed on the necessity and will to have a well functioning co-operation of the ICCDA member associations. They decided on a number of concrete steps to be taken in the near future in order to assure coordinated activities, research and training programmes and information exchange. Its main objective is to promote interdisciplinary research and debate on issues of social and development policies and to provide input to policy-making.

Now, with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC) a work plan has been elaborated and a kick-off meeting for joint activities was organised in Brighton on 4 November 2006. The foreseen activities include:

1. The working relations between the researchers in Europe (EADI) and in the partner regions in Africa (CODESRIA, OSSREA), Latin America (CLACSO), Asia (APISA) and the Middle East (AICARDES) shall be reinforced. The project aims at regular and effective information sharing;

2. The creation of ICCDA Working Groups:
a) Cross-cutting working group on "Quality assurance in development studies and journal ranking".
b) Thematic working group on "International asymmetry and its implications for sustainable development in South America".
c) Thematic working group on "Capitalism revisited for sustainable development: Confrontation versus convergence among Asian and European experiences".

3. A business meeting for each ICCDA Working Group in 2007.

4. Mayor workshops of these Working Groups at the next General Conference of EADI in September 2008 in Geneva.

5. Activities will be accompanied and highlighted through ICT instruments, e.g.: a joint ICCDA website and e-newsletter.

A detailed workplan will follow soon.